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My name is Mary Gillen, and welcome to Learn One Thing.

It's all about learning something new every day so you can hone what you know and profitably stay in business. Simple as that.

How-to tips on copywriting, marketing, sales, desktop publishing, web tech, SEO, RSS feeds, podcasting, blogging for business and more. It's designed to teach you one thing every business day.

Who should sign on for this feed or to receive the ideas via email? Every business person worldwide who knows he or she can always learn something new to better themselves and their business. And perhaps be entertained a little along the way.

A fellow in one of my classes gave me the idea for Learn One Thing. During student introductions, this lad commented, "I am taking this class because I just wanna learn this one thing." he said, holding up his index finger. Relieved it wasn't the middle digit he was displaying, the ah-ha lightbulb went off in my head. Of course. Who has time to learn a whole buncha things at once? No one. And if we humans are confronted with too many options, we are overwhelmed and do nothing. We get into a rut. Yet our brains are working dogs, and they need lots of exercise.

Am from New York City originally, but headed outta there before I started tawkin' about cawfee and hot dawgs. Moved around a lot, all over the East Coast. Had the fortune of being born into a crazy Irish clan that was always on the move, so the unknown -- new stories, people and places -- makes me feel safe.

Earned a degree in English from a university in New England. Worked for one corporation in the late 70s for three years. One day I said to myself, "I'd rather live in my car than work for these people one more second," so I quit, and have been self-employed ever since. Risk? Sure. Gotta take 'em. After all, this is your life. There is no excuse for living like a dud. I am a teacher, writer, marketer, and web app developer/tech geek. What a combination. And that's what I can share with all you folks out there in email/rss land.

Have owned my own business since 1981, and have supported myself very nicely through my own effort. Why has it worked for 25 years? I have made it a point to constantly learn new things so I could reinvent my business along the way.

Being educated is one thing...there are a lot of educated people all over the world. But being a life-long learner is what keeps you young in the head and profitable in business. The key is to improve your knowledge so you can continue to contribute something of quality to someone somewhere in the world. In business, it's important we all continue to learn...or, as they say in Maine, "yer dead."

Speaking for myself, I only write about the things I think are really helpful to me and all you smart business people out there. In other words, by this time in my life, my BS meter is set pretty high. People send me info about their services and products all the time, but for every 20 we hear about, you'll probably read about only one of that collection. It's all about quality, folks.

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Sure, as time goes on, you may get some blathering from me that you might consider, in the immortal words of my Great Aunt Nora, "a load of crap," but that's the breaks. Or you might hang in there and find a little gem of thinking that can change what you're doing for your greater good. That's one of the mysteries of life and Web content. You never know.

Best to you all,

Mary Gillen
[email protected]

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